Wednesday, November 07, 2007

One Step A Day to Realize Something New

Another paper to totally forget about, Physiology. I still have two more papers to go and I'll be free from examinations for three months, I think... After the exam, took the time to have an early dinner with some of my house-sisters. Often I thought to myself that, we are all different people, coming from diverse cultures, brought up by parents with various perspectives in life and we are only brought together to stay in the same house because we believe in God. Through today's early dinner, I found that we are quite common in some ways. We get irritated at times, we like to have our own space, we like to pretend we don't mind about certain things because we don't want trouble, we always figured these things will soon pass away and we figured something better will come our way. The truth is... yes these things will soon pass away and something better will come our way but whether we take the time to overcome the problems that we face or the time to know the people around us, that is the real lesson that should be paid attention to. I never knew some of them are facing the same situations as I did and still do. I just realized time is constantly flying by and it's too precious to just let it go just like that. Some of my house-sisters are going to depart soon and follow the paths which God had prepared for them. Though time may not be on my side this time, I do hope I do get the chance to know them even more in times to come, even though there is a possibility that I do not get to see them anymore.

So, if you are reading this, you know who you are. In faith, I know we shall meet again. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you guys all the best and God's grace is definitely sufficient for us in every situations and every obstacles that we face. I will miss you guys dearly! Do keep in touch.

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