Thursday, January 14, 2010

E&O Hotel: English Afternoon Tea

Good evening! I am in a pleasant mood today~! :D Thanks to the contribution of a certain someone, my Mum and I had the opportunity to dine at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel, which was established since 1885. We went there to have the hotel's English Afternoon Tea. Sounds very elite, don't you think so? 

Even the ashes are decorated.... @___@

I have been hearing quite a lot of people going for high tea and afternoon tea. Initially I thought both of them were the same. On that contrary, it is not the case. In brief, high tea is held later in the evening (around 6pm) while afternoon tea is taken from two something to five in the evening. Besides the different time setting, the food served during high tea is heavier in contrast to the latter. Here is the link for a more elaborate explanation. 

As we enter into the 1885 restaurant, we were greeted by...

...lots and lots of pastries and cakes!!!

We were escorted to our seats, which was located near a glassed door, where a garden is just right outside.

 And how can you have afternoon tea without tea? I had chosen Creme Orange tea, which a blend of vanilla essence and orange flavour tea. It is very aromatic and sweet smelling. 
P1000187aI was told that the English would often add milk and sugar to their tea when they attend to such events. Being the curious person that I am, I gave it a try...
Honestly, I can't tell the difference!

So what did we have for our English afternoon tea?
P1000182a Scones, sandwiches, pastries and cakes! These sandwiches aren't your ordinary sandwiches. They were made with roasted beef, smoked salmon, dill and cucumber! Simply superb!

When I first saw the food, I whispered my mum, "Mum, this is IT?? FOR TWO???" Yes, I was complaining that the portion being served was too little. However, I regretted I said that AFTER I finished my share of scones and sandwiches. I was already FULL!~! We had to rest a while before we continued with the rest.

P1000189a Overall, the food was IMPECCABLE! It was absolutely a great experience for my taste buds as I have never tasted anything like it before~! Therefore, today was a good day!


  1. english afternoon tea.. hmm..
    sighs i havent taken my lunch!! =P

  2. LOL~~! Why not? Busy sightseeing till forget to eat? Or were you looking at some pretty girls?? :D

  3. Having a high tea before going back to work is a must. Proven by Europe. See how rich is their countries.

  4. haha topher grace... ehhehe... interesting..... anyway thx for the comment on my blog...

  5. @Kelvin: Really??? I thought it was merely for the high society people.

    @junsern: aiyo, he is cute mah! :P