Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Be like Bill or Don't be like Bill?

The "Be Like Bill" meme has graced us with its presence this new year and boy, it has gone viral. "Bill" here doesn't exist. He is a just stickman created to lead by example and provide advice on social etiquette because he has no guts to tell you what to do straight out. So "Bill" does something like this...

The idea of "Be Like Bill" is actually surprisingly simple. It is short, polite and gets the message across to the other person loud and clear without offending anyone. Somehow, one way or the other, it works and people are loving it. With its simple design, people starts to replicate similar "Be Like Bill" memes such as...


And we have our very own Malaysians' take on "Be Like Bill" - Jadilah seperti Rashid
Kenapa Rashid? Saya pun tak tau.


With all the hype and constant posting these memes on the Facebook wall, somebody finally snapped and this started...

And just when you thought that it will died down soon, now FUNPEPPER.COM has come up with a create your own "Be Like Bill" meme, which they called it #BeLikeMe. This game/app helps you to create your own personalised meme based on your Facebook updates and activity. 

Now, a forewarning here, I am going to overload this post with #BeLikeMe memes up till the point that you will get sick of it and you will NEVER EVER wants to see another "Be Like Bill" meme EVER AGAIN. If that is exactly what you are looking for, please proceed. 

My thoughts when I got the #BeLikeMe  memes are as follows:
Of course I don't do that. That is what politicians do!

WOW...! This actually hit me hard when I read it. I do care about it. I just don't show it.  

I laughed when I saw this! Come on, first I was single and now I am hiding a boyfriend??

Yes, frankly speaking, most people can't get the hints that are given. I, for one, am one of them. Sorry, just not that good in reading the signs. So straight up and tell me heads on. 

Nono, not an iPhone. Faithful follower of Galaxy Note series!

I am more of a cat person. Actually, that is not true either. I just like puppies and kittens. When they become dogs and cats, the appeal and attraction just gone with the wind.

Hahahaha! The reason is fairly simple - for those that take selfie while at the gym looked like this...


Not everyone is blessed with high self esteem and killer body. 
Sad but true. 


So if you don't get a response from me tomorrow, then you know what to do. 

Of course, no one cares! That is why I post pictures of desserts instead! *smirk*

After 25 different #BeLikeMe memes (yes, TWENTY FIVE), I finally got bored with it. By bombarding myself with all these memes, I have satisfied my interest/curiosity. I had my fun. Now, I am no longer interested. 

Moving on. 

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