Saturday, November 26, 2011

Crazy Phone Calls of the Day

After having breakfast with my family, I went back to slumber as I am sick. Runny nose, stuffy nose, sore throat and cough all came to visit me at the same time since yesterday. My mum left me at home to rest so she could do her errands. I place the house phone beside me just in case my mum needs to contact me.

So there I was lying on the bed, resting, letting my immune system to run to fight the infection within me, the phone rang.

I picked up and the person on the other line said, "Hi, is your mother around?" Apparently, it was my neighbour calling. Let call this person X.

I replied, "No, she is not in. She went out." 
X: " But I just saw her went into the house!"
Me: "Yes, but she went out already."
X: "NO, your mum is back!"

I then thought to myself, maybe my mum haven't left the house yet. So all right, I put him on hold and I dragged myself out of bed to see IF my mum was still at home. I checked the corners of the house, then I finally checked the car. YES, my MUM was not at home. 

So I returned to the waiting call...
Me: "My mum went out d, her car is not in."
X: "Aiya, your mum parked the car at the other side! I am just opposite eh!"

I was getting restless and frustrated. Why on earth would I lie about my mum being not at home!?!?!?!? I mean, what for???? If you have eyes, then you would see that my mum's car is not in!!!!

Me: "She NOT in. She WENT out."
X: "Ah... okokokok."

Call ended. 

Sigh... such a phone call makes me even more tired. I went back to bed and tried to get some sleep. I hate the feeling of being sick. 

Anyway, there was another call, my mum's friend, again looking for my mum. Let's call her Y.

Y: "Lu mummy wo di oh?"
      (Is your mummy in?)                
Me: "Mummy bo di. E chu ke liao."
       (She's not in. She went out.)

Normally, if the person you are looking for is not around, the call would just end there, isn't it? But NO.... not for this old lady. The phone call continued....

Y: "Oh... eh, lu pai it wu o oh?"
      (Oh... eh, do you have classes on Monday?)
Me: "Bo..."
Y: "Lu mummy wu chua lu chu ki oh?"
      (Would your mum bring you out?)

None of these is any of her business, but I politely obliged anyway since she is my mum's friend.

Me: "Wa pai it dui liao."
       (I'm going back on Monday.)
Y: "Dui to lok?"
       (Go back where?)
Me: "Dui KL lo."
       (Back KL)
Y: "Lu mm shi gong pai it bo o ah?"
      (I thought you say you don't have class on Monday.)
Me: "Pai it bo o. Pai zee wu o ah."
       (Monday I don't have class. Tuesday I have class.)
Y: "Ai yah, wa tong kim mui lu pai it la!"
      (Ai yah, I am talking about MONDAY la!)
Me: "............"

I am replying whatever you are asking me and you are telling me that I am not answering your questions??!?!? Man... these phone calls are making me even worse.

Y: "Lu kua beh ah?"
     (Are you sick?)
Me: "Hah."

You would expect a little sympathy or comforting words, instead what I heard was...

Y: "Ei yah, kua beh kui!!"
     (Ei yah, sick fool!)
Me: "........."

Call ended.

The lesson I learnt today is that, I am not going to answer any phone calls when my mum is not at home. It's too tiring and too troublesome....


  1. LMAO!!! That was hysterical. Eh, better watch out. Could be someone without your phone number casing the join

  2. hahaha....weird.....if i had a phone call like this i will hang up right away after i tell them she nt at home...LOL ><

  3. True but sadly I know them so I can't hang up the phone just like that. Or else they will start complaining to my mum and all the aunties that they know~ -_-lll