Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Be like Bill or Don't be like Bill?

The "Be Like Bill" meme has graced us with its presence this new year and boy, it has gone viral. "Bill" here doesn't exist. He is a just stickman created to lead by example and provide advice on social etiquette because he has no guts to tell you what to do straight out. So "Bill" does something like this...

The idea of "Be Like Bill" is actually surprisingly simple. It is short, polite and gets the message across to the other person loud and clear without offending anyone. Somehow, one way or the other, it works and people are loving it. With its simple design, people starts to replicate similar "Be Like Bill" memes such as...


And we have our very own Malaysians' take on "Be Like Bill" - Jadilah seperti Rashid
Kenapa Rashid? Saya pun tak tau.


With all the hype and constant posting these memes on the Facebook wall, somebody finally snapped and this started...

And just when you thought that it will died down soon, now FUNPEPPER.COM has come up with a create your own "Be Like Bill" meme, which they called it #BeLikeMe. This game/app helps you to create your own personalised meme based on your Facebook updates and activity. 

Now, a forewarning here, I am going to overload this post with #BeLikeMe memes up till the point that you will get sick of it and you will NEVER EVER wants to see another "Be Like Bill" meme EVER AGAIN. If that is exactly what you are looking for, please proceed. 

My thoughts when I got the #BeLikeMe  memes are as follows:
Of course I don't do that. That is what politicians do!

WOW...! This actually hit me hard when I read it. I do care about it. I just don't show it.  

I laughed when I saw this! Come on, first I was single and now I am hiding a boyfriend??

Yes, frankly speaking, most people can't get the hints that are given. I, for one, am one of them. Sorry, just not that good in reading the signs. So straight up and tell me heads on. 

Nono, not an iPhone. Faithful follower of Galaxy Note series!

I am more of a cat person. Actually, that is not true either. I just like puppies and kittens. When they become dogs and cats, the appeal and attraction just gone with the wind.

Hahahaha! The reason is fairly simple - for those that take selfie while at the gym looked like this...


Not everyone is blessed with high self esteem and killer body. 
Sad but true. 


So if you don't get a response from me tomorrow, then you know what to do. 

Of course, no one cares! That is why I post pictures of desserts instead! *smirk*

After 25 different #BeLikeMe memes (yes, TWENTY FIVE), I finally got bored with it. By bombarding myself with all these memes, I have satisfied my interest/curiosity. I had my fun. Now, I am no longer interested. 

Moving on. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Grateful & Thank Yous

I am grateful for the year that is ending in less than one hour.
The years before may have been one roller-coaster ride after another.
This year, however, felt more like a very, very slow bungee-jump progression.
I kept falling and falling, and nothing is within my grasp.
All I kept seeing was down, down and down.

Down there, there is pitch darkness.
I thought I saw some light but it was just my imagination.
Down there, looks like a bottomless pit.
The fall felt like a frightening eternity.
Down there, some force is dragging me in,
Like gravity, a natural phenomenon.

Just when I thought all hopes were lost,
something stopped me.
In the midst of it all,
something was pulling me against gravity.

As I turned my head,
thousands and thousands of strands twisted as one.
In each of these strands,
I see a person reaching out.
May it be a friend, family or prayer,
these are the ones helping me in times of desperation.

Therefore, I am grateful.
Grateful for every 'good luck'.
Grateful for every 'hang in there'.
Grateful for every 'it is all right'.
Grateful for the hugs.
Grateful for the many prayers.
Grateful for the shoulders that I have cried on.
Grateful for the persistent guidance.
Grateful for the food and treats.
I am grateful for the unlimited failures and I am also grateful for the minute success.

Most of all, I am grateful to God.
Thank You for all the people that I have met.
Thank You for my family, brothers and sisters.
Thank You for disappointments and sadness.
Thank You for happiness and joy.
Thank You for Your everlasting love.
Thank You for Your grace.

Thank You for NOT giving up on me. Amen.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Poetry Boost for a New Beginning

As fireworks burst out its beautiful neon lights over the pitched black night,

It is THE time for a momentous celebration.

A toast for this upcoming new year,

For many hopes and dreams that have been adjourned,

A ray of light glimmers at the faint sight of their resurrection,

In this new beginning of restoration.

A Happy New Year to all and have a wonderful dream,

As of tonight, THIS dream will be the first step towards SUCCESS. 

Good night

and pleasant dreams.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

I hereby sincerely wish each and everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Let us raise our glasses and cheers to new beginnings, hope, longevity, prosperity, health, and happiness! These are a few greeting e-cards/pictures that I have received.

This is my e-card to you all. 
Taken in KLCC, edited by me! 
Hope u like it!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Ever Delayed Resolution List

Before the clock struck twelve on New Year’s Day, I told myself that I would take one or two weeks’ time to consider what are my potential resolutions for this New Year. Being undeniably my procrastinating self, I am writing this list at the eleventh hour of January. I keep telling myself that at least it will be (a day) before Chinese New Year! 
-_-lll  So here goes…

1.      Become a Blogger again
I stopped writing properly about two years ago. Even though I wrote some various posts in between, my blog was really stagnant and currently it is at its brink of death. I wanted to start writing again is because I am approaching my final year as a medical student in May 2014 and I know many unpredictable issues will turned up. Throughout these past years, a lot has happened but I never wrote it down which was regrettable. Being constantly in a pressure cooker with others, drama is bound to happen. Thus, this time, I want to write it down so that my future recollections of events can be more… solidify(?) and not just fleeting memories.  

2.      Budget Barbie Challenge
I recently been following an online Singaporean internet show called Budget Barbie. The concept of the show is simple; that is to buy really cheap clothes but of good quality and yet still look expensive (sometimes) and fashionable. For each episode, the host of the show, Qiu Qiu, will spend 100 Singaporean dollars to buy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. I am really amazed that she can find new products like 5 Singapore dollars! Usually, she is able to come up with 4 to 5 outfits under 100 Sing dollars which includes shoes, bags and accessories. Moreover, she is super skinny; she is able to fit into just about ANYTHING. Anyway, with prices going up, such as petrol, toll and kangkung, it is a premonition that things are going to be heavily overpriced in the future. Therefore, challenge accepted! Let’s find out if I can fair well under RM100. It does seem like a super impossible task BUT I think I can do it! 

3.      Rapunzel, be gone!
Ever since I graduated from high school, I have been keeping and maintaining my hair long. This is the result of being forced to keep my hair short for FIVE years due to school’s rules and regulations! I have been telling my friends that I am going to cut my hair short when I was in my second year and yet… it is still the same! As mentioned earlier, I will be entering into my final year of medicine and undoubtedly it will be hectic. Foreseeing the multiple assignments, presentations and sleepless nights, I resolve to cut my hair short to commemorate the various battles ahead with a fighting spirit. I am apprehensive about this decision because I am so used to long hair with me tying up different styles for classes. I am just crossing my fingers that I will look good with short hair… (Wishing really really hard! >~< )

4.      Sedentary Lifestyle – NO MORE!
I have accustomed myself to the wonderful life of being indoors. Besides classes, I have a habit of heading back to my place and curled up in my bed or sit motionless in front of my laptop. I can spend hours and hours watching YouTube videos and Facebook continuously until it is time to eat. I really do need to get a life. Even I am getting used to online shopping. I have come to the realization that I need to get out of the house – pronto. I don’t want to be known as “宅女”, ever! I decided to go explore different parts of KL. Hmmm… maybe finding the good desserts shops? Or maybe learn a skill? Whatever is fine, as long as I get to go out and experience life other than being in the comfort of my room 24/7. 

To make the list complete, my final resolution for 2014 is…

5.      Once I start, I MUST finish
If you ask any of my friends about me, the type of response you will get is, “Oh, Kimberly is ___________ (all good comments please fill in here) BUT……..” There is always a SUPER BIG BUT after all the good things said about me. It is unfortunate but it is the hard hitting truth: I am the most inconsistent, unreliable and lazy person you will ever meet! Just take this list for example, it took me so long to come up with these resolutions and it took me three days to write! The typical me would always start off by having an awesome idea and I would think of ways to make it into a reality. The beginning of every thought process is really fun because everything seems possible; you feel that the world is your oyster and nothing can stop you. When the time has come to make your ideas into life that is when all things start to crumble. My will and determination begin to waver and my interest eventually fades. Consequently, I always come up with nothing to show for as I tend to give up halfway because it is too troublesome. Therefore, this year, I will start slowly and small. In other words, I will set aims and objectives for any small projects that I have in mind. Even babies do not just run straight off the bat, they have to crawl or shuffle their butts on the ground to move. So, baby steps. Slow and steady.

Well, that concludes my 2014 resolution list. Good luck to me and to those who resolve to make a change in their life! And have a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Flashback on My Journey through 2013

In a few short hours, the year 2013 will finally come to an end. I was listening to the radio this morning, and the DJ asked this questions, "If you were to use ONE song to describe your experience of 2013, what would it be?" Before I reveal what is THE song that best describe my journey through 2013, here are the few memorable moments that I experienced this year. 

This year started off with a sorrowful note - my beloved grandmother had gone to a better place. She left us just one day before Chinese New Year. In the Chinese culture or belief, it is somewhat a taboo for others to attend a funeral or wake during Chinese New Year. I still remembered that I was really worried that no one would show up as I figured that our friends would be having their own reunion dinner at such a time. Our prayers were answered and we were so comforted in our soul and spirit that many friends, brothers and sisters attended the wake throughout the five days. It meant so much to us. I am sure that it meant a lot to my grandmother as well. 

I still miss you, Grandma...

I am very fortunate to have good friends beside me in my daily life. People are different from each other - that is one fact that cannot be changed. It is because of those differences that we learn to grow and accept each other every day. Well... there are certain things that I am unwilling to accept but that's the beauty of friendship, you can always talk it out and find the best way to compromise and reach a comfortable decision to suit both parties. With a previous bad experience, I don't think I want to cut people out my life any more. It's tiring to stay unforgiving or mad at someone. Hopefully, I can do it. *fingers crossed* 

Thanks for giving me the encouragement at the time of need!

I personally do not update my status on Facebook very often. I do share posts that I find interesting, music videos and pictures but NOT statuses. It is the same reason why I do not use Twitter. Telling the whole world, all right, not the whole world but all the people that you know, about what you are doing, feeling and thinking at any time, is just not my style. If you do see me update my status, it could just mean two things: 1. I am bored or 2. I want attention. I brought this up is because... Thanks to my boredom one day, I wrote...

You know what happened next? My friend happened to have an extra ticket to G-Dragon's One of A Kind Concert! I was completely freaked out and I was dying to tell my gang!!! I. WAS. ECSTATIC!!! Best of all, I get to see the concert for FREE!!! Just the thought of G-Dragon's awesome see-through car, brings me back to that time of his concert... The screaming fans, the lights, the colourful props and the up-beat music - just amazing!! :D 


Another memorable moment for me was that my mother was able to attend the Working Saints' Perfecting and Training 2013. Known to many, my father is a Buddhist. He does not like it when my mother and I attend church meetings. I do not know exactly why he is so against Christians but he did say he had bad experiences about it. So for him to let my Mum come and attend a church conference with me in KL is something huge for us! People often say that "Just do whatever you want, you are an adult." True, I am an adult. As an adult, I would like to respect my father's wishes. I would want to receive his blessings in any matter that arises. I am glad that by God's sovereignty, my dad has softened up a bit and is not that adamant about us and our belief. Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace!


Now that I think about it, I have not seen a movie until now. It was a NuffNang movie contest that we are supposed to give our thoughts and actions on what we would do if we were the biological father or mothers to 500 kids. Confused? Well, don't be. It is a movie called Delivery Man coming out in movie theatres in New Year's Day starring Vince Vaughn (The Break Up) and Cobie Smulders (who played Robin in How I Met Your Mother). Honestly speaking, I didn't think I would win because I just wrote it in the spur of the moment. Thanks to NuffNang, I got to see the premiere screening of Delivery Man which was held in Paradigm Mall yesterday night. 

It was a light-hearted comedy about a pathetic man started to make a change in his life when he found out that he is the father of 533 children. You can expect laughter and warmth. So for the year 2013, this is the ONLY movie that I saw. 

That about wraps up my 2013. I am going now to celebrate the New Year Eve with my friends. As for the song, I think BigBang's "Fantastic Baby" best describes my 2013. 

Hereby wishing you all a Happy Happy New Year~~!!!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

90 minutes to go

There is exactly 90 minutes to go before the polls close.

This feeling of terrifying excitement is exactly how I felt when I was waiting for my 2nd professional exam results. There is absolutely nothing that you can do but to wait, wait and wait until the announcement of the results. While waiting, there is now a lot speculations that the chief minister of Penang has LOST according to the information received by those working at the polls. Hopefully this is NOT TRUE. I do not wish this to be true.

I am hoping for a change.

A change for the better.

A change for hope.

A change for new beginnings.

Now all there is to do is to wait.....

PENANG WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!