Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Ever Delayed Resolution List

Before the clock struck twelve on New Year’s Day, I told myself that I would take one or two weeks’ time to consider what are my potential resolutions for this New Year. Being undeniably my procrastinating self, I am writing this list at the eleventh hour of January. I keep telling myself that at least it will be (a day) before Chinese New Year! 
-_-lll  So here goes…

1.      Become a Blogger again
I stopped writing properly about two years ago. Even though I wrote some various posts in between, my blog was really stagnant and currently it is at its brink of death. I wanted to start writing again is because I am approaching my final year as a medical student in May 2014 and I know many unpredictable issues will turned up. Throughout these past years, a lot has happened but I never wrote it down which was regrettable. Being constantly in a pressure cooker with others, drama is bound to happen. Thus, this time, I want to write it down so that my future recollections of events can be more… solidify(?) and not just fleeting memories.  

2.      Budget Barbie Challenge
I recently been following an online Singaporean internet show called Budget Barbie. The concept of the show is simple; that is to buy really cheap clothes but of good quality and yet still look expensive (sometimes) and fashionable. For each episode, the host of the show, Qiu Qiu, will spend 100 Singaporean dollars to buy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. I am really amazed that she can find new products like 5 Singapore dollars! Usually, she is able to come up with 4 to 5 outfits under 100 Sing dollars which includes shoes, bags and accessories. Moreover, she is super skinny; she is able to fit into just about ANYTHING. Anyway, with prices going up, such as petrol, toll and kangkung, it is a premonition that things are going to be heavily overpriced in the future. Therefore, challenge accepted! Let’s find out if I can fair well under RM100. It does seem like a super impossible task BUT I think I can do it! 

3.      Rapunzel, be gone!
Ever since I graduated from high school, I have been keeping and maintaining my hair long. This is the result of being forced to keep my hair short for FIVE years due to school’s rules and regulations! I have been telling my friends that I am going to cut my hair short when I was in my second year and yet… it is still the same! As mentioned earlier, I will be entering into my final year of medicine and undoubtedly it will be hectic. Foreseeing the multiple assignments, presentations and sleepless nights, I resolve to cut my hair short to commemorate the various battles ahead with a fighting spirit. I am apprehensive about this decision because I am so used to long hair with me tying up different styles for classes. I am just crossing my fingers that I will look good with short hair… (Wishing really really hard! >~< )

4.      Sedentary Lifestyle – NO MORE!
I have accustomed myself to the wonderful life of being indoors. Besides classes, I have a habit of heading back to my place and curled up in my bed or sit motionless in front of my laptop. I can spend hours and hours watching YouTube videos and Facebook continuously until it is time to eat. I really do need to get a life. Even I am getting used to online shopping. I have come to the realization that I need to get out of the house – pronto. I don’t want to be known as “宅女”, ever! I decided to go explore different parts of KL. Hmmm… maybe finding the good desserts shops? Or maybe learn a skill? Whatever is fine, as long as I get to go out and experience life other than being in the comfort of my room 24/7. 

To make the list complete, my final resolution for 2014 is…

5.      Once I start, I MUST finish
If you ask any of my friends about me, the type of response you will get is, “Oh, Kimberly is ___________ (all good comments please fill in here) BUT……..” There is always a SUPER BIG BUT after all the good things said about me. It is unfortunate but it is the hard hitting truth: I am the most inconsistent, unreliable and lazy person you will ever meet! Just take this list for example, it took me so long to come up with these resolutions and it took me three days to write! The typical me would always start off by having an awesome idea and I would think of ways to make it into a reality. The beginning of every thought process is really fun because everything seems possible; you feel that the world is your oyster and nothing can stop you. When the time has come to make your ideas into life that is when all things start to crumble. My will and determination begin to waver and my interest eventually fades. Consequently, I always come up with nothing to show for as I tend to give up halfway because it is too troublesome. Therefore, this year, I will start slowly and small. In other words, I will set aims and objectives for any small projects that I have in mind. Even babies do not just run straight off the bat, they have to crawl or shuffle their butts on the ground to move. So, baby steps. Slow and steady.

Well, that concludes my 2014 resolution list. Good luck to me and to those who resolve to make a change in their life! And have a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Gong Xi!

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