Thursday, May 28, 2009

Can't Sleep

I am sitting here, in front of the computer, getting what I deserved for procrastinating my work. It's already 1 something and I am still working to finish off my Psychology essay. Still left a few hundred words. It will be finished very quickly if I could just set my mind and heart to it. Sadly, right now at this moment, I have been bothered about something for quite a while now. I know that I don't fully understand her and I know we are not that close. However, it just pains me to see someone, who you see on a daily basis, keep herself away from everyone else. I understand that all of us needs some private time by ourselves, but sometimes it just hurts because you know you can't do anything at all in this kind of situation. There are some things that you know that you can't tell her. Even if you tell, it doesn't mean she will accept it willingly. To do something or not to do something - that is truly the mystery. It's like you do something about it, it's wrong. If you don't do anything about it, it is also wrong.

... hold on a second... Why do I suddenly sound like a guy caught in the girl problem..????? *a long awkward pause*

Anyway, I guess I finally understand that there are some things that she needs to realize it herself. There is nothing I can do but just to pray for her.
Gosh.. It's already 2AM!!! I've got to get back to finish my essay!!!! GOOD NIGHT!!!