Sunday, May 24, 2009

My First Experience Visiting a Brewery!

Carlsberg brewery in Shah Alam

Ahhh... finally! A chance to update my blog. Yes, it's been hectic these few days and the problem with the internet connection at home didn't help the situation either. Anyway, my first experience in a brewery!!!! The first impression was so awesome! Before going to this site visit, no doubt I was extremely excited. HOWEVER, I initially did not have very high expectations of the factory itself, as I expected the area to be dirty, messy and plenty of shirtless unattractive guys laboring at the site. Apparently, I need to get out more :P Imagine, entering into the brewery factory and you see this....

I'm sure some guys will go GAGA over this!

There is a BAR in the brewery! There are a lot of brands of alcohol such as o
bviously Carlsberg, Heineken, Tuborg, Skol, Royal Stout, Special Brew and a few names I just can't remember. They have a whole cabinet filled with bottles and bottles and bottles of alcohol. Actually I am not suppose to post pictures as there were issues previously where students from some college post up the pictures in FB and parents got upset because there were BP (bumiputras) in the pictures with the word 'Carlsberg'. The parents took it the wrong way and say that Carlsberg is promoting BP drink beer. It is a bit ridiculous to put it that far, really. My Malay friends who went on the trip did not even taste a drop of liqour. Anyway, so I apologized for unable to post more pictures. These are a few pictures that I feel is still all right.

Carlsberg's Merchandise

The site visit took almost 3 hours which was a bit too long as everyone was mentally tired and sweating with the high temperature in the brewery. Lucky for those alcoholic freaks, FREE BEER!!!! And for those who can't drink or don't drink, FREE FOOD!! Some people can really drink, they got one pint of beer after the other. The funny thing was that those who can't really drink beer, they drank a little (one pint or less) and their faces were all red but not drunk of course. On the other hand, those who drank much more than one pint, wanted more but they held back as this was a EDUCATIONAL visit.

We wouldn't want harm Monash's reputation now, do we?

As for me, I don't really know how to appreciate beer so I tried Shandy for the first time. Even though it contains only less than 1%, it is bitter according to my tastebuds. Oh well, maybe I should give it another try again.
Group photo!

That's all folks. I need to get back to my Psychology essay. BWAHHHH...!!!!


  1. wow! thts a really cool experience.. haha! but i cant drink beer. shandy is my max withstand.. this is the carlsberg factory always see beside

  2. Haha! We got souvenirs too! I just dint have the time to post it up yet! It's a Liverpool hand towel and two Carlsberg pins!

  3. Wow! Liverpool souvenirs! I want!

    Looks like an awesome trip :D
    and the free beer.... *drool*

  4. @wayeyoung: Seriously do you want the hand towel? I can give it to you. I am not a football fan also

  5. Is this the one Al-Maunah tried to blow up?

    BTW, can we have free beer when we visit there. If yes, I'm going to do a field trip there.

    About the Muslims and Carlsberg, I have to say, those parents are ridiculous. Doesn't mean that they took pics with Carlsbergs and it shows that company encourages drinking. By that logic, Liverpool fans are probably are all drinkers right now, including Muslims.

  6. @Terence Teng2:
    I'm not sure about Al-Maunah have any relations to Carlsberg wor...
    If you go there with a whole class under the supervision of a lecturer, you can get free beer! Hahah!