Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Carlsberg I'll be there soon!

Man... Yesterday I finally finished my Food Microbiology report and submitted exactly on the dot. 24 pages of report... Phew... I am glad that's over. Now I have another thing to worry about, which is my Psychology essay - 2000 words -_-lll And it is due next week. Initially I wanted to start yesterday but my internet connection at home failed me... Therefore, I will be stuck in the library these days until my internet connection is restored to its full functioning capacity. Augh... I don't really fancy that idea though. I would much prefer to be at home, wearing pjs, sitting in front of the laptop and food is within your reach :P Yes, I do admit that I am a very lazy person.

Anyway, on an entirely different subject, I posted earlier that due to swine flu outbreak (2 confirmed cases so far in Malaysia), there is a high possibility that I could not go on a class site visit to Guinness brewery. As I attended my Food Micro lecture this morning (which starts at 8am, you can imagine how 'attentive' we were), Dr. Anne broke the bad news to us which was very much expected. However, she was able to pulled some strings and made some last minute arrangements! In her own words, "I have made a deal with the Devil to drink Calsberg for the whole year!" YES!!! Instead of Guinness, we are going to Calsberg brewery!!! This is awesome! Who cares whether it is Guiness or Carlsberg, I am just super duper psyched about the entire visit! Of course, it is not all play and no work. After the visit, we need to submit a report which is worth 10% of our final examination. That's a whole lot! All right, I gotta get out of the library, it is getting too cold for a certain warm blooded creature. See ya!


  1. Cool! Wish I could pay a visit to see hows Calsberg been produce~ heihei

  2. haha all the best in writing your Psychology paper! 2000 words is alot wei.. haha

    yea, go for carlsberg! i dont really like guinness.. lol =D

  3. @PekChekKia: Will update about the visit when my internet is restored :(

    @kenwooi: thanks :P how to write -_-lll