Friday, May 15, 2009

Swine Flu Confirmed in Malaysia

Sigh... it is a sad sad news. One case of Swine Flu had been confirmed in Malaysia today! Normally, being the ignorant person as I am, I would not have be bothered by this sort of thing. However, it is because of this ONE case, I can kiss my class field trip to the factory of Guinness Anchor Berhad goodbye... *sniff* I was really looking forward to the trip.

Our Irish lecturer initially told us beforehand that due to the outbreak of swine flu, most of the factories are banned from giving any tours until the May 15th. If there are no sudden cases in Malaysia during that period, we can continue our tour on May 21st. So, it is such a conincidence that a case was confirmed TODAY, 15th MAY!!! I am a little bummed by it as I was really excited to see how beers and alcohols are mass produce in a large scale... Although the chances are slim, I am still being a little hopeful *clasping my hands together tightly*


  1. wow..thanks for the info!!
    dangerous leh..

  2. It sucks that you can't go to that trip.

  3. to kenwooi:
    Actually it is not that dangerous, I do feel this is overdoing it.

    to Kyoru:
    I'm bummed about it but I do hope (
    a little) that I can still go!

  4. =.= i've heard about this yesterday in the news too. And you poor thing, looks like you're really looking forward to the factory visit.

    Too bad you cannot go for it, but, I think this is just standard procedure? LOL... nevermind, I guess there will be next time.

    Have a nice weekend and have fun with your loved ones, Kimberly.

  5. To cleffairy:
    Lol... unfortunately, there won't be a next time as this is my final semester. Anyway, thank you! Have a great weekend too!

  6. Huiyooo, so sway. LOL... nvm la, next time when you're out working, i bet there are many more opportunities. :-P

  7. Well thats a suprise I would have thought there would be more in malaysia, not that I would want there to be of cousrse.