Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Food Heaven in Aussie Land

Guess who's back? *grins*

A week's vacation in Adelaide, Australia was AWESOME! I had a blast!!! And ate a whole lot of good food... That's why I wrote "KimberlyMay is fat, stinky and exhausted" in my Facebook status. Anyway, I seriously do not know how to begin my vacation. So, I will let the pictures do all the talking for now. I am suffering from PVC (post-vacation syndrome) = EXHAUSTION. And they say vacation is a time of relaxation.... yeah, right.... *rolling my eyes* All I wanna do is to sit back, relax and lie in bed all day long. However, that fantasy will never come true because my mum will make sure that there is something for me to do. Sigh... where was I again? Oh right... Pictures! The main theme for this first compilation of photos is FOOD. Will upload more photos soon. Over 500 pictures taken... man... sometimes I wish the internet speed will miraculously increase a hundredfold! Then I wouldn't have to wait for it to load.....

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