Saturday, December 13, 2008

Of all days....

...something came into the house! Leaving a trail of blood too! The trail started from the balcony of my room, all the way down the stairs and ended at the entrance. I was like, 'Crap, I hope a cat did not bring something dead in the house to eat!' We searched high and low but couldn't find anything. My mum and I decided to clean up first, hopefully, the little rascal will come out on its own. While cleaning, my mum found shit on the floor. Based on its size, it is too small to be of a cat's, so it might have been a rat, mouse or squirrel. I was thinking, 'How could an animal shit when it is bleeding? Did it got so scared until it was unable to help itself? Or did nature called at the wrong time?' Hah! My mind was filled with unnecessary questions... After a while, we have found the culprit - my mum! Sigh, she must have accidentally cut her foot and she didn't even notice it! That explains the blood trail but not the shit. So, something DID came in but we do not know what it is and whether it is still IN the house or OUT... the mystery remained unsolved... for now. Gotta go back to packing and keeping the place tidy before we leave. Toodles!

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