Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Haigh's Chocolate

During my Adelaide trip, my family and I went to a chocolate factory - Haigh's Chocolate.

The story behind Haigh's Chocolate began in 1915, where the first generations of Haigh's family had a desire to own a candy shop. Hence, with his savings, he bought a corner shop at Rundle Mall. Every night, he would go upstairs and made candy with his own two hands and sell them in the shop every day. However, he never made any chocolate during his time. After he had passed away, his son, the 2nd generation of Haigh, took up what his father had left off. Again, he did not make any chocolate but sold chocolates of another brand. It was until the 3rd generation of Haigh's family had this sudden revelation and he asked himself, "Why don't I make chocolate on my own?" This young man was very VERY fortunate because he had the chance of a lifetime. "What is this chance?", you may asked. This lucky fella was able to learn how to make chocolate from the Lindt's family! In case you don't know, Lindt's Chocolate is a very well-known chocolate from Switzerland! And the rest, as they say, is history. It was an amazing experience to have a look around the chocolate factory, especially since the aroma is to die for! My goodness.... I can still remember the sensational aroma of chocolate... HHHMMmmmm.... However, sad to say, they do not import these chocolate at all. Haigh's Chocolate is only sold in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Why? Because they are all hand-made! Seriously. ALL HAND-MADE! So, all you chocolate lovers out there, if you ever go down to Adelaide, be sure to stop by the former "candy shop".

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