Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friendship Never Ends

People always say that when one grows up, there will be a lot of commitments that can't be avoided. In other words, everyone will be always busy with their own life, doing things that matter to them. However, we always make sure that we take a little bit of our super-packed schedules to meet up when there is a chance.

I met up with my two BFFs yesterday night. Gosh... It's been so long since the three of us got together. One of them lost a lot of weight, One looks extremely exhausted and One gains a few pounds. Talking with them really brings back good memories and just being with them, our friendship story kept on adding a few more chapters each time. We talked a lot, about our lives, our new year resolutions and our future. It is with a heavy heart when one says that her dream was to further her studies in Scotland but we are definitely are supportive about it. The other one is still figuring out whether to continue further her studies in research or laboratory work. One more still wants to pursue Medicine but has no confidence in herself. We do know one thing, whatever we want in life, we have to work hard for it. Sigh.. we also agreed that this is tough too.

On the topic on love, one is happily attached to her boyfriend, like practically married J! The other is loving her single life while the other is searching for love however, we all again come to a conclusion that final year is way more important than thinking about L.O.V.E. Don't worry girl, you know you will get plenty of love from your two best friends!

Hmm... wonder when will we meet up again? Definitely a few more times before we get back to our hectic lifestyles ok? God bless my cam-whoring friends and I!

I finally found digged out some old pictures of the three of us when we were in college. Did we change a lot? *wink*

Way Back Then...



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