Monday, January 21, 2008

Work, Future and Action

Only 8 more working days will I be free from the bondage of internship! Can't wait!

Oh... did I mention? I am currently doing industrial training in a hospital lab for almost two months now. Working does make me realize one thing - everything is repetitive! In the beginning of the internship, it was fun and exciting because new things were learned. However, doing it over and over again does make the brain go bored and tired. To be honest, I would prefer a life filled with study and exams rather than working everyday. Though it is that same old routine, study, assignments and examinations, the knowledge you are receiving is different. Working, on the other hand, once you have learned the technique and know how to apply it, requires not much brain work, just constantly doing the same thing over and over again.

It is unfortunate that a career is unavoidable in one's life. Hence, choosing a career that you would do for the rest of your life is inevitable as well. If I can successfully get through this final year unfazed, what course can I continue on with my present degree? I am grateful that I have a brother to provide me with several suggestions but it is hard to imagine the life of a job that you don't quite know or get in touch with. In my mind, I can vividly imagine my brother saying, "Then go find out!" And that is what I shall do. I never really taken my future seriously so I better do something about it... Pray for me as I am clueless on where to begin and how to plan ahead. That's it for today... Kimmy over and out!

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