Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hots for Reading

Spent two days to finish two novels - my best record yet! My friend at work lend me a novel entitled Singletini. At first glance, the title really attracted me but I sorta knew that it must a chick-flick type of novel. I still went ahead and gave it a try as working does tend to make one feeling rather moody at times. Singletini is definitely amusing in the sense that the leading character Victoria is really your very typical kind of girl - always last minute, matchmaker, weight conscious, shopaholic, dramatic and so on, so forth. A lot of chaos in every single chapter of the book but with that aside, it is really does struck me on the part of growing up. As a very brief overview, Victoria is a 24-year-old girl who got fired and found a job that she really likes, matchmaking. To her, it's all about the fun and parties. On the other hand, her three best friends are growing up and are either getting engaged or pregnant. She messed up a whole lot of stuff along the way, but it is at one stage where she finally accepts the reality of growing up with the help of her faithful and loyal friends. When I closed the book, I wonder when I will reach maturity in the way that I think or do. Everyone is treating me like a kid so I'm assuming that I am still acting like one. Hopefully not too late...

The other book I read is written by Nicholas Sparks, The Rescue. I can't really put the book down. Pictures and scenes flooded my imaginations and they were running like a movie as I flipped through each page. It's not exciting or thrilling but it is the story that keeps you going on and on. Sparks' books are mostly always about love and hope. This particular book tells about a man couldn't let go of his past causing him couldn't really love a person forever until he saves a woman and a child.... Read the book if you wanna know how it went about. It does leave a warm and fuzzy feeling inside :)

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