Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Depending on HIM

You said it's luck, I say otherwise.

This morning I had my final Microbiology quiz! I do not need to go for lab sessions anymore! I was happy for a mere five minutes, I think and reality hits me again, I still have an Anatomy test tomorrow. So I went to the library to meet my friend Wan Chi and studied with her. Of course, we did spent half the time talking though.... well, we are GIRLS! But we DID studied quite a bit! As time flew by, we went for a briefing on our industrial training at the end of this year. Can you imagine? I am actually gonna WORK! Well... just for two months but hey, it's must be something that is really different from study life I presume. Maybe this will expose me in a whole new way that maybe I would appreciate study life a bit more. Been slacking lately whenever I get any little free time.

The best news that I heard all day is that our tomorrow's Anatomy Test is POSTPONED till October the third!!!! I was so relieved and happy! I have been so worried about it as I didn't give much effort studying it. I am really thankful to the Lord for giving one more chance to make up for my mistakes. Right now, I just feel so blessed! Hehe... Anyhoo, I shall turn in now.... rest is necessary but God is inevitable!

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