Monday, September 10, 2007

Better Ventilation

I'm so glad that it is over and done with!

Just finished our Physiology presentation today. There are seven groups and we had to draw numbers to find out who would go first. Ended up... we are the last group to present. I didn't mind at first but then group after group was really giving me a whole lot of pressure! Most of them presented so darn well. I was so nervous that I had to run to the ladies room THREE TIMES! Once the stress is there, my head start to ache.... I really hate it! Though everything is over, my head still hurts..

Now, I just want to take a nap and then continue my mission of conquering ANATOMY test on Wednesday... Dread... it's worth 33.3%!!! Four essay questions worth 33.3%!!! It is totally outrageous! Sigh... but what to do? Just have to deal with it! I'm just happy presentation is over already.

The Cover of our Presentation, nice?

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