Sunday, September 09, 2007

Strength from the Lord

These few days have been so hectic, I feel that I am having a hard time breathing, literally.

Yesterday, I had a lab replacement session at 8:30 in the morning. I knew that it was going to be a long day. Surely enough, the practical took so long that it only ends at 1pm as we need to incubate the different samples at different times. It was a big mistake not taking breakfast that morning. I dumped lab at 12.40pm for I was already late for a group discussion on our Physiology Presentation that is going to be held on Monday, which is tomorrow. We got some work done and we finished discussion at around 2:10pm. Had lunch with my housemate at CornerHouse. We ate Wan Tan Mee as we rarely have the chance to eat at that shop. It now cost RM4 per plate! The stall seller increases the price... Sigh... Anyway, I got back at 2:35pm, took a bath, prepared my dinner and packaged it. At 3:25pm, my housemates and I went to the local church in Puchong for Video Training on the Epistles of John, 3 books in the Bible. The title of the 2 messages of the day were The Anointing and Abiding in Christ. The messages were really amazing, I was so full of joy as the messages are not merely doctrine and knowledge but they are so practical and enjoyable that they can be apply to our everyday living in our pursue of the Lord Jesus Christ. There was an hour break between the two messages and I used that to study my Anatomy. I don't know if I can still remember it now though.
Finally, when all of us got back home, it was already 10pm. Saturday is my turn to do the cleaning. Thankfully, a sister helped me sweep the floor and I just needed to mop them.

What's amazing is that, I prayed to the Lord a day earlier, telling him that I have absolutely no confidence in finishing all the tasks that I wanted to do yesterday. Miraculously, I didn't waste any time and I had completed what I wanted for the day. The same thing happen today as well. I told the Lord that I need to study my Anatomy, I need to rehearse and edit the Physiology Presentation, take a nap, iron my clothes and wash my clothes, not to mention the weekly meeting on Sundays and the additional Video Training. I still can't believe that I did all of that. It was really a blessing from the Lord.

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