Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Finally the virus is removed from my computer system, hopefully it will stay that way for a long long time. However, the internet line connection tonight is just simply terrible. Calling my dear "hubby", SIN LING, on Skype and MSN Messenger numerous times and kept getting disconnected! Streamyx - sometimes it is such a major disappointment. On the bright side, well... just a little good part about it is that Sin Ling and I would goof around whenever we have to start a new call. We would make strange funny and silly sounds such "elllooooo", "HAArrrrLLLoooooo" and etc. It's really good to hear your old friend's voice. Makes me miss the good old days....

Oh, just now in the house, I do not know how it all started but BINGO was the in-thing all of the sudden! Only for about half hour only though, everyone in the house was just having fun. Since there were seven of us, 5 by 5 boxes of BINGO would be too few. We ended up playing 6 by 6 boxes of Bingo. I could see that my housemates were really into it because they were like smiling mischievously when the right number was called and frowned when the number is unfavourable to them. I haven't played BINGO for so long. I was the fourth one to BINGO! All right... time to crash. bye~~

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