Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Technical Infection

I'm literally pulling my hair out! This is so frustrating! My laptop is infected by the a stupid virus that causes my Mozilla Firefox to be inaccessible! You know, everytime I double-click on the Mozilla Firefox icon, a pop-up says this "Use Internet Explorer YOU DOPE! I DUN hate Mozilla Firefox, but USE IE OR ELSE...." Manually I can't delete it because there is an autorun file that keeps regenerating this virus, which is just sickening! AVG Antivirus can detect it but it can't remove that darn file! I can't believe that this is fun for hackers!!????!?!?! Due to its existence, I wasted several hours trying to remove this virus! All were in vain.... Sigh... Went to prayer meeting just now, it helps. I feel much at peace right now. I'm going to do my assignment now and I shall let my friend try to fix it tomorrow.... I'm crossing my fingers that I am able to finish my report by tonight.

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