Friday, August 17, 2007

Monash Street Party

Been struggling hard to finish my Cellular Metabolism assignment and finally it is done!!! Constantly doing assignments is making me so worn out. See my face... so darn blur~ I still have a few more assignments and tutorials to finish by next week.

See my panda eyes? It is sooooo not cute :'(

After a long and stressful week, I definitely wanted to have some fun and relaxation. Since Monash University is holding its Monash Street Party tonight, I wanted to go check it out as I never been to one before. So I went with Saik Su and her gang of Engineering Students. I known none of them at all, so lucky me for making new friends, four guys and one girl. The guys are Jason, Yee Miin, Kean Yung and Foo. The girl is not a student of Monash but she is Saik Su's roommate. Tobby is her name. Quite shy a bit. I was trying to get some pictures of her but she was so shy, and that is an adorable trait! Me and Saik Su, on the other hand, take pictures with cars like mad! LOL! Oh I forgot to mention there are cars... let me start again.

Basically the Monash Street Party is like PASAR MALAM but with live performances by Monash students. An additional feature to this party is the Monash Motorshow where there are CARS CARS CARS and CARS everywhere. There are a bunch of cars with names that I never heard before and can't remember at all. When the guys look at the cars, it is as if they have found their perfect match in heaven~ Seriously! One of the guys said that cars are better than girls, I'm like "WHAT???" There are like absolutely hot female models there and they prefer cars over girls?????? I think guys lose their senses when it comes to cars. LOL!

The best thing I love about the Motorshow is the drifting session. IT WAS AMAZING AND SO DARN COOL!!!! When I saw it, there is a desire in me that I wanted to be in that car, not as the driver but as passenger, so I could experience the thrill and excitement of the real thing! Sadly, I didn't have the chance to do so. And of all the drivers, we saw there was a female driver and she can drift! That's really outstanding! Wow! I hope to go again tomorrow but I still have things to do. I really hope I can sit the passenger seat tomorrow night.. *crossing my fingers*

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