Thursday, June 04, 2009

Blogger of the Day and How to Get the Girl

Congratulate me!!! I am the Blogger of the Day in Blogger United!!!! Wahhahahha!!! This is my fourth time being crowned as the Blogger of the Day!! Okokok... calm down... breathe in breathe out... :D Sorry for getting overly excited! I just finished my final lecture of the entire semester! I am extremely happy as I FINALLY have time to study and do revision for my upcoming exams, which is in exactly two weeks! I really want to do well as this is my final semester. I do not want to deter another semester or have a late graduation. That would be utterly embarassing, I would drilled a hole just to cover my face if that happens.

Anyway, just wanna share what I saw in someone's blog just now.
Guys, have you ever wondered how to get a girl of your dreams? Obviously, I am sure you have some tricks up your sleeve but how many of those attempts have been successful? Here is a simplified pie chard showing the statistics on men being successful in their attempts of getting the girl they are interested in.

Guys, do you agree? If you do or don't, why?


  1. fourth time.. nice.. haha..
    you must be pretty active in BU..
    right? ;)

    anyway, the chart.. hmm..
    ignoring her will be successful to get a girl? i dont think so..
    it needs effort to know and be close to a girl.. =)

  2. Congratz for your 4th time =)
    din know your are selected 4 times xD

    LOL, are u sure ignoring her will get the girl of your dreams? =P

  3. Whoa. I should try it out. Actually I kind of agree.

    Although the ppl i ignore isn't the one that i want to get =.="

    wrong angle XD

  4. traditional methods don't work in the modern world. however, kenwooi is right. you gotta be super rich, or super hot enough to "ignore" a girl so that she "gien gien". Girls want what they can't have, right? ;)

  5. Hey, I agree in the sense that if guys deliberately ignore the hot girls then the girls will definitely take notice. On the other hand, I also feel that guys have to work extremely hard in order to get the girl of their dreams! But what do I know, I'm not a guy :P

  6. Didn't know you're so cool in blogging hehz, congratz for ur 4th ^_^

    Imo, I don't think deliberately ignore somebody is the method to get the target, however it is very successful method to get her attention as this will eventually leads her to question your intention and curious why you never approach the Miss in demand.