Friday, June 05, 2009

The Disgusting Reality about Death

I am extremely disappointed with people at times. I really dislike the way they handle themselves especially when it comes to money issues. It's really disgusting.

As we all know, death is part of the life cycle. People will die eventually. Family and relatives will be of course sad over someone's death whom they knew for a very long time. Anyway, let's fast forward the sorrowful part of the funeral to the post-funeral, shall we? Now, what normally happens after the funeral? Especially if the person who died used to be a rich person? Obviously, money. People will fight with each other over the matter that who should receive the family inheritance and who should not. Even if the written will states that everyone should get an equal amount of money, I find that a lot of families do not follow according to the written will. Each one is looking out for themselves, wanting more money than the other. So they argue, fight, scold, dispute, blaming one other and see who is willing to give up their portion. Most of the time, there will be one who backs off.
Those people who stepped down are normally those who can survive with or without the money. It is possible that they may feel that it is not necessary to fight with their siblings over the matter of money. You would think that this would settle the problem and the family will be in harmony again. But NO... These people GLOAT over their so called 'victory' and belittle the other who did not want the inheritance. What the hell is that? It's absolutely disgusting! Moreover, they will keep reminding the incident over and over again to affirm that the one in the family did not get the money. Do you think that those people who back off want to stay in the family any longer? Obviously NOT. Don't these people realize that they are fighting with their siblings?? Don't they realize that the inheritance they 'gain' is only temporary??? And they are willing to give up the years and memories that they had together as a family just for MONEY??? I know money is important and all, but it is low to betray your family over money! It is just sickening! DARN THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE CONSUMED ONLY BY MONEY!!!!


  1. OMG~~ this is really an awful incident!!!

    what they wanna desperately to get the moeney..every1 gt an equal amount wat..there's far enough!!

  2. You know...I would give anything so that my FIL could at least live until all his grandchildren are married and of that sort. But I seriously do not think other family members feel the same way. Most are two faced bastards. He is quite a rich man... or you can say he have properties to be passed down to his many children and relatives. I think. if he did die one day... I will be witnessing the fight for his property among his relatives while his body is still warm in the coffin. It'll be a sad thing, but it's a comfort to know that my husband will and i will not be taking part in the nonsense, because to us, as long as he's nice to us, it'll suffice. Besides, why take a dead man's money when you already have your own?

  3. Unfortunately, greed is one of those defining moments of human nature. It's not something that can be changed even beyond death.

    Or maybe it's just me, I've seen far too many deaths and far too many people consumed by monetary wealth to be surprised or shocked any more that things like this can happen.

  4. first time dropping by from blogger united :)

    it's sad isn't it? this is why i think sometimes not being wealthy has it's benefits too. so people won't show their ugly appalling sides.

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