Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Putting my two cents in it...

Two things happen today... One good and one bad. *after 5 minutes* Wait... scratch that, make that three. This morning, I received an email that goes... Lol... I didn't mention about this contest on my blog. So I better make some clarifications. Earlier in the month of April, as I was surfing SurfLoft.com, I saw an interesting title "Caricatures". I had no idea what a caricature is. According to Wikipedia, a caricature is 'a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness.' So the post was about a contest and the prize is a free caricature! I was really intrigued and said to myself, "Why not?" Spontaneously, I entered the contest. I never really expect to win, actually. I kept saying to myself, "The probability of you winning is very low. Don't get your hopes up!" HAhaha... I was so thrilled when I found out this morning that I won!!!! I had sent my picture to the artistic dynamic duo, theeggyolks. Go check out their artworks! They are pretty amazing! Now I just need to wait patiently for my caricature to be drawn....!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!! That was the good news of the day.

HOWEVER, the mood was ruined as something happen later that night. I was talking on the phone with a certain someone, we had a fight. It reminds me of the fight we had before. It's still the same situation that both of us haven't overcome yet. I really can't understand her in this particular issue. I don't see her views. She got mad and we fought over the phone. Sigh... it gets so freaking frustating some times when it comes to living and interacting with people. I feel that the Lord is giving me so many environments and situations that I can't or don't know how to deal. I was really sad and confused about what I should do next. However, after praying and submitting myself to the Lord, I felt a lot better. There was still that little uneasiness stirring within me, that is when the Lord gave me another situation that completely diverts my attention from the fight.

What happened??? It happened JUST NOW. A cockroach was on the wall!!! That totally spooked me out! Crap, gotta kill this little cretin! I don't even know how it got in and where it came from! Thankfully, this one doesn't fly. If it does, I will run away! Anyway, after killing the cockroach, I feel way much better right now. HAha.. now I can smile and go to sleep peacefully. Good night.

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