Monday, May 04, 2009

Penang: Food Indulgences

Whenever I go home in Penang, no doubt I will gain a few pounds. The first thing my friend told me when I went back to Subang, she said, "Aiyo, you have become chubbier!" What to do? Food was too good to resist! Moreover, this time going back home was special. It was our first family reunion after a long long time. The last time the five of us got together, if I am not mistaken, was in 2002. After that time, each of us couldn't meet together at the same time due to our different courses and schedules. I am so glad and thrilled to see all of together again. My dad was happy as well and he decided to spoil us with amazing good food!


Chinese Cuisine in May Garden Palace in Penang.
Abalone - Call me stupid or whatever you want, I seriously do not know how to appreciate abalone. I ate only half and the other half I gave to my brother.

Fine Dining: Italian Food
Common people like me do not always get the chance to dine at such a sophisticated restaurant. No doubt it was expensive but the food was really out of this world. Of course, not forgetting this...

JAPANESE FOOD! That basically summarizes my whole week back home! :)


  1. nice.. i kinda agree that most penangites will gain weight when they go back after being away for a while.. haha.. =D