Sunday, April 26, 2009

When things do not go my way....

After I had finished my 'didn't-go-so-well' examination on Friday, I gave myself a self-declared holiday for a week (even though classes are still going on). Yes, people, I am back to my humble abode all the way back to the Pearl of the Orient! It has been a crazy two weeks and I am sure it will get crazier now I am back home. Let me tell you what happen during my exam day. It's going to be a long and whinning post.

Friday 24th April 2009
I got up early in the morning, feeling rather queasy and nervous at the same time. It was the exam day and I felt totally unprepared at all. I left the house at 6:15AM and reach the Imperial Hotel KL at 7-ish in the morning. I was the earliest and there was nobody around. It was pretty scary at first but then I realized that my exam was scarier, I calmed down straight away. As I was doing some last minute revision, people started coming in... OLDER people were coming in... I was wondering did I got the exam date correct... I panicked for just that tiny moment thinking whether did I got the correct venue. After a while a lady started to brief us about what was going to happen during the exam and all the necessary registration stuff yadda yadda yadda... Apparently I was the only one taking the MCAT exam while the rest were taking some exams on accounts and business. Anyway, it was time for the exam. As I went in the room and registered myself for the exam, the computer went "SYSTEM ERROR".



After the lady tried and tried again, she asked me to wait outside while she went to check with the main office. I was trying to calm myself down but then my mind started to think about other things such as "maybe I do not need to take my exam today" or "maybe it is just a technical problem" or "maybe I can go home" etc etc. Yupe, I was running away again. I am such a coward. I always wanted to avoid any obstacles in front of my path. Sigh... So after waiting for 40 minutes, she finally got the system working and I could take my exam. I can honestly tell you, after those 5 hours, I do not even remember what I was doing or what answers did I enter. In other words, my exam went bad. No doubt about that. Sigh...

After my exam (ended around 12:30PM), I took the KL monorail and ended up in KL Sentral. I was thinking of buying some things to bring back to Penang. As I was juggling whether should I go to KLCC or One-Utama, I was approached twice by two different ladies asking me to donate for the less fortunate people. Asking me to donate is fine but when they are asking for more than what I had donated, that is when I draw the line. Anyway, after all that, it was decided that I go to One-U as I was told there are more things to browse. HOWEVER, the thing is that... I did an embarassing thing... I WENT ON THE WRONG BUS and I ended up where, you ask? I ended up in KLCC... -_-lll sweat... Well, since I had already made the mistake and I was already in KLCC, I took the time to look around. Apparently, there will be a fashion show later in the evening but I couldn't stay for that though. After walking around KLCC for around 45 minutes, I didn't see anything that I would like to bring back. So decided to go back to Plan A. I headed down to the KTM and asked which station should I go to if I want to go to One-U. The person who was attending to me told me that I should get off at the station at Taman Bahagia. Ok, fast forward. Once I reached Taman Bahagia, I went down to the bus stop and I told them that I wanted to go to One-U. And guess what the bus driver told me, "Di sini tak ada bas pergi ke One-Utama! Hanya pergi ke DAMANSARA UTAMA!" I was like..... O....K.... However the bus driver was kind enough to bring me another bus stop where I could get a ride to One-U. I basically took the time to enjoy riding around KL and Selangor. Wait... there's more. When the RapidKL bus that was going to One-Utama arrived, I got up the bus and I realized that I do not have small change. What happen then? The bus driver KICKED me OUT of the bus! Hahahahaha... in a way I can't helped but to laugh at the day I was having so far. After exchanging some notes with the people at the road side, I finally got on another bus and headed straight down to One-Utama. By the time I reached One-Utama, it was already 4:30PM! In my head, I was telling myself, "I gotta go back soon before it gets too dark!" My body refuses to listen to my brain and I walked myself into One-Utama and went window-shopping for about... 20-25 minutes. THere was no buses heading to Subang Jaya. So I had no choice but to take the bus back to KL SENTRAL again. And because of that, the bus was caught in the jam. People kept coming into the bus didn't help the situation at all! I was really tired then. Finally I reached KL SENTRAL and I bought the KTM ticket to Subang Jaya as the buses to SJ will not arrived for the next one hour or so. I didn't want to wait to I straight away bought the ticket. HOWEVER, suddenly the announcement came, "We are sorry but the train to KLANG has been DELAYED. The train will arrived in another 30 minutes time." Oh... well... since it was half an hour, I had McD's for dinner. That was 7:30PM.

You see, when a train is delayed, what happens to the next few trains? They will be delayed as well. Because of that, there were over 100 people waiting to catch the train!!! When the first train came, everyone just rushed into the train without letting any room for the people inside the train to get out. I was like, 'no way, I'm not gonna squeezed my way in'. So I waited for the second train which will be arriving 5 minutes later. The same thing happened for the second train as well! It was mayhem! Everyone is pushing each other just to get into the train! Again, I said to myself, "Forget it! I'll just wait another 10 minutes for the third train to come!" Finally, I got on the third train and headed back to Subang Jaya. By the time I reached Sunway Pyramid, it already was 9:00PM. I walked home, took a bath, packed a little and went straight to bed. What a tiring day!

Saturday 25th April 2009
My bus was scheduled to leave at 8:00AM and guess what time did I wake up? 7:15AM!!!!!!!!!!! I was like 'DAMNED!!!' and I quickly jumped out of bed and got myself prepared as fast as I could. My alarm clock took a fine day to fail on me! Argh! You can imagine what a mess I was in! Running here and there, looking for my ticket, making last minute packing and running to the Sunway Pyramid just to get on the bus! Thankfully, I got there in time and I did not forget anything.... After that, rest.............

And now I am back in Penang, enjoying and relaxing as much as I can before it's too late to do so... you will find out soon enough.... That's it for today.

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