Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Zilch… that’s my mobile credit I’m talking about. And yes, it has been a long, long, long journey through the examination period… finally I can say it’s OVER! Hell yeah! It’s all done. I’m glad that it’s over, even though the final paper was the toughest of all (hopefully I will be able to pass it). So what should I write about then? It’s been quite a while since I wrote something… oh wait… I have been writing… yeah… been writing the answers for the exams…. Well… that doesn’t count!

I learnt A LOT during my preparation for the finals. And no, I do not mean academically but spiritually and a lot about myself. For instance, I finally realized how I deal with pressure or stress – I stuffed myself with candy! Seriously, one day I was just sitting in the library, cracking up a book, and then it goes… one by one - Cadbury chocolates, Snickers, Snickles… You get the idea. So undoubtedly, gaining “A FEW” pounds is inevitable. You know what that means then, its exercise time~~

Okok… back to what I have just said, someone said something to me which made me pondered for quite some time. You see, I’m always the one telling others that we don’t have to care what others have to say negatively about us, as long as we are not doing anything wrong or out of principle. However, when someone cares about you tell you something personal about you, that is a time to actually listen. My friend saw me as a person who doesn’t show her true emotions in front of people and someone who is hard to see through... and I thought whatever I do or say was pretty obvious and out in the open.

I’m not going to let you in with all the minor details but as a conclusion out from all this is that I can’t change. That’s how I am. The only person who has the ability to transform me is God. He will make me as perfect as the Father is perfect (Matthew 5:48). So a note to my friend, I know you are not asking me to change, but I hope you can accept that sometimes there are things I do not wish to share with you or tell you what I am feeling, doesn’t mean that I treat you as an outsider. You don’t have to try to understand me because you can never understand me but only to a certain extent. So whenever you see me worrying or feeling down but do not wish to tell you, just pray for me. I will always find someone to tell my problems, someone that I can be very, very truthful with. The Lord Himself will deal with me both inwardly and outwardly.

As for now, my three weeks holiday will begin right at this moment! Well... technically two weeks only as for the third week, I'll be going to Sabah with the saints to participate in the Malay Conference held by our church. I need to brush up my Malay then :) Hmmm... two weeks... pretty short if you ask me. Hopefully I can make these two weeks worthwhile.

Oh! Another thing to add to this long post before I stop for the day. We had such a treat for dinner just now. A brother invited us (campus students) to have dinner at his house and guess what we had for dinner???

lovely crabs
I haven't had crabs for ages! And it was so good! Haha!

This is the spicy one

That's it for today. Yeah... it is a long one today.

To those who are in the midst of struggling and suffering examination blues, do not fret, my prayers are with you all! All the best!

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