Monday, May 26, 2008

I doubt I will get old of this

Well, all assignments are all finished, passed up and done with! As of starting from tonight onwards, I shall keep my laptop in isolation until I finish all my exams. So you guys won't be expecting me to update anytime soon. Hopefully I can last that long... Keeping my fingers crossed! However, I do wanna share something with you all. Well, some of you may know that I got my name Kimberly from the tv series "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers". Even if you don't know... well.... NOW YOU DO. I was just browsing YouTube again and I found out that there was actually another Power Rangers movie with Amy Jo Johnson in it! I didn't think she would play a role since she left/got kicked out from the tv series. Yeah... I guess you can probably figured it out that I only watched Power Rangers when she was in it. This time she is evil~! Chills...~~ Hehehe... I cannot believe I'm excited over a very childish movie clip. Oh what the heck... it brings back good memories.

"Oh ya, and sweetie... pink is OUT!"

All the Best everyone!

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