Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stress-Free Day: Day One

A new day... no class... no assignments... no books to study. Hmmm... yes... I'm feeling a bit odd that's all, all the sudden there's nothing to worry about =P Now I can take the time to smell the roses. Outside the sisters' house, there lies a tree where its flowers were blooming and I didn't even notice until this beautiful morning when I got back from the petrol station. It was so pretty~!

Blooming Outside My Place

After settling some stuff, we (my housemates and I) went to Sunway Pyramid to have lunch with a sister who has finished her foundations studies and is going to pursue her studies elsewhere. While we were there, we saw something interesting. I used to see this in music videos and pictures but never in real life!

Sorry for the poor quality, my handphone is not so canggih~!

It was really funny~! I took about 3 videos of this but I just uploaded the final battle between two US fellows. I really wanted to try but didn't have the guts to do it. It looks FUN~! And besides, I think it is only meant for the males.

Anyway, since I am so free, I decided to find a good novel for some light reading. I wanted to find a thriller or crime genre fiction novels, however, I wasn't too sure about some of them. So I grew tired looking for a good book, I straight away took one from the books in the recommended section and bought it without thinking too much. From the title, it is obviously a romance novel. That very night, as I was reading it, it is more about the-losing-your-soul-mate-and-can't-go-on type of plot and finally how did she overcame the entire situation with the help of her late husband's "list". It's good for a light read as it is pretty funny, especially when she (oh, the main character in the novel is called Holly) hangs out with her amazing and supportive best friends. Basically, it's also about moving on with life. Apparently they made this into a movie. Never seen it before, I don't think they even aired it here in Malaysia. I don't know, I just really lost to what is the latest movies these days.

It took me several hours just to finish it. Hmm... I wonder what should I do now?

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