Saturday, August 04, 2007

An Escape from Everything

I haven't gone out and have fun for the longest time.... well, actually it's been three weeks, still, it seems pretty darn long. Yesterday finally came the opportunity for me to just get out of the house. Sometimes the aura of the world just mess with your conscience and drags you down in the pit, causing you to suffer the next day after much play... It's tragic I know and yet I do it all the time. It means I am so so weak.....

Anyway, went out with my cousins and friend yesterday. We went to Tony Roma's for a late lunch. Never been there before so we thought of giving it a go. It's setting and atmosphere somewhat somewhat similar to T.G.I's Friday. The food portion-wise is comparative to the prices set. The cheaper it is, the smaller the portion it is and vice versa. Moreover, I think at night it changes from a restaurant to a sophisticated pub as they serve a lot of various alcohol such as martini and wine. Food is not too bad but it could be better. I had the set lunch. The soup of the day was 'chicken noodle' soup. The name really sounds weird but it is literally bits and pieces of chicken boiled with bow-tie pasta and celery. I really dislike celery. The soup was not good at all, they have put too much pepper in it. Strange combination, too bad it doesn't work out that well. Later, I have Marinated Chicken Grill. The chicken was extremely small but it was very filling due to the french fries and coleslaw. Coleslaw tasted exactly like KFC's. Oh, the best part is that you are able to get unlimited refill on the soft drink that you ordered. Overall, it was just ok, I wouldn't say 5/5.

After a heavy lunch, we went to catch Transformers! I have been so anxious to watch the show as I got a lot of feedback from my friends saying that it was totally awesome. And I have to agree with them. It's funny, action-packed and I absolutely love the sound when they transform. The only critic that I would make is that the modal of the transformers in the movie differs slightly from the original in the cartoons back in the early nineties. It was really great as you got the hot actress and goofy male leading actress, you are definitely in for a good time.

We went to my cousin's place for dinner after we picked up my other cousin from class. My aunt has prepared Fried Chicken, Steamed Fish, Mixed Vegetables, Prawns, Fried Lady's Finger and ABC soup. It was insane for her to cook so much. For her to take the time to slice, dice, season and cook, it was really unbelievable, I really felt the love. We prayed sincerely together with the elderly brothers and sisters before we eat. I was extremely full but there was more to come. They had prepared star fruits, mangoes and ice cream. They just want to fill us up. I probably gained a few pounds since yesterday.

Finally the night come to an end, they dropped me back home and I fell straight into my bed and slept for nine hours. *sarcastically* Great way to burn the calories..... just great....

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