Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Feminism 101

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Out of curiosity, I went to attend a talk concerning Feminism held by the Monash Women's Affairs Collective. I have come across the word feminism quite a few times but I never really had the chance to meet not one but several self-acclaimed feminists.

So what is feminism? Feminism is a move initiated by females who questions men's deprivation and discrimination towards "the weaker sex" that they seek for equal rights and privileges. They started telling us about how it all started and how it comes to a huge demonstration in the sixties of women walking down the street and burning bras. Yes, that is right, burning bras. A way to imply the public that 'You know what? This is our bodies and we should be the one to do what with our bodies, not MEN!" Well, at that time, there were a lot of rapes, abuse and jail sentences to women who actually fought for what they believe in. Back then, the public considered these women insane for even thinking that they have the right for anything.

Well, I personally do not think that I am a feminist because I usually think that men are superior in the sense that they should be the breadwinners, the ones to protect you and your rock. However, nowadays the guys aren't that manly anymore, a handful of them are quite girly. Hard to find a real man these days. But back on the subject, it is fortunate for us females as we have groups of feminists fighting for our rights that we are able to work, be respected a bit more than before, be treated fairly better compared to the our ancestors. Attending this talk is really an eye-opener for me. Feel really blessed to be in the present.

Cheers to GIRL POWER!

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