Sunday, July 08, 2007

Triple Seven on A Saturday Night

Yesterday was triple seven, seventh of July in two thousand seven, 777. It's funny, I don't remember people getting excited as much last year when it was 666. Most probably it's the number that represents Satan. Anyway, I didn't really care whatever the date it was. I just went out and met up some of my old college friends.

Sin Ling, Me, Kenneth and Kayson

It felt like ages since we last saw each other. Sin Ling is one of my closest buddies in college. Though she is in SP and I'm in KL, we still in keep in touch, we are still as close, sharing secrets and what's going on with our lives. Only one thing is missing, is our beloved Soo Zhen. Sin Ling, Soo Zhen and I were inseparable during our college year. However, she is in Perth right now, so it is a shame that she couldn't make it. Both of us miss her like crazy. Anyway, back to Sin, her sister had her wedding registration and that's why, my sweet Sin Ling was dolled up!!! I was extremely shocked to see her this way. The last time I saw her with make up was our Disted Prom Night as shown below. Soo Zhen is the one standing right behind Sin Ling.

Then there is Kenneth. He is extremely fluent with his English and uses big words that I pretty much do not understand. When I saw him, I was a bit surprised that he had become chubby. He is still pretty much the same, he talks a lot! You'll never run out of anything to talk about. And I noticed that he shaved. Then I started to imagine him with mustache, in my head, it was definitely a funny sight.

Last but not least is Kenneth's close friend Kayson. Kayson was in Disted Stamford College for only a few months before he got a place in a university in Perth. So I didn't know him very well. My last impression of him was like, "A Chung Ling graduate, damn smart and works hard." Now, he is pretty much the same except that he is much more mature in his thinking and actions.

We were catching up with each other's lives and that's when Kenneth had to leave early (that was ten o'clock). That leaves only the three of us. We sat there, drank and talked and talked and talked. It was then it hit me that how much we have grown. I mean we were talking about politics, our dreams and our future. It was a bit frightening at first, yet it was comforting that you are not alone in this. Everyone is going through stages in life and it is nice to know that you got friends you can call up and joke around. Finally, it was time to leave and I got home at exactly midnight and right on the dot. It was a first for me to be out this late. It was fun seeing them. I would love to do this again.

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