Monday, July 16, 2007

Everything is NEW

After a ridiculously hot day, now Sunway is having a really ridiculous downpour! Such ridiculous weather we have around here. I have been perspiring all day walking back and forth from the new Monash campus to the old one and back to where I stay. And now it rains.... Sometimes I really do not understand weather at all. Or maybe I should start listening to the weather report on the radio.

Today is the first day of the new semester in our BRAND NEW MONASH campus. Since it is situated a bit further away, so I have to walk more. It is about 15 minutes walk. As if having a warm morning isn't enough, the air conditioner in the lecture theater had broken down. Yeah... I'm just complaining too much. However, it was great seeing your course mates after the mid-term break. Everyone was still a bit lost on how to go about the new campus. It is ridiculously huge. Yet, I really like new things, especially new environment. It gives you the new experience for you to explore up and down. Though I am very disappointed with the cafeteria. It is much smaller compared to our old campus. And food selection-wise, pitiful. Worse, it is expensive too! Oh great, I'm complaining again.

"Think positive,

Well, I have a class that starts at 5pm so I better get going. Will update a little more tonight. Peace out people!


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