Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just Pops Right Out of My Mind

After a continuous ridiculously hot weather here in KL, it rained! Not just for a while but it rained the whole afternoon! This really boost my mood level to high. Still, in the back of my head, I know classes start tomorrow; moreover, it starts at eight in the morning. Sigh....

As I have said yesterday, my resolution for this semester is to set a small objective daily for me to achieve. Yesterday, my timetable was planned and it shall be put to the test starting tomorrow. For my today's goal, I am going to finish reading the book 'THE PURE IN HEART' which I kept putting it off. This book is written by Witness Lee. THE PURE IN HEART basically gives you an insight on the different conditions of our hearts when encountering various situations and problems. Interested? Click here

This morning, the sisters and I were talking about chicken pox. I don't know how we got into that topic but it was really a touching phase for me when I had the chicken pox. I remembered I was in Standard Four, I was just ten back then. I saw a tiny round droplet-like shape sitting on my knee. Out of curiosity, I poked it and it burst. I thought it was nothing at all but when I got home after school, I got more of those tiny protruding droplets all over my body. As I was about to start breaking all these little 'bubbles', my mum immediately stop me! Thankfully she did, or else my body will be filled with minute concaves. That would be a horrible sight.

I didn't go for class for two weeks or less. I was so weak and tired all the time. All I wanted to do back then was to lie down, that's it, nothing else. I said this was a touching moment for me because that is the first time I realized that my Mum loves me. She was there hand and foot for me. I can't even take a bath because there were these chicken pox all over my body and sometimes I was even too vulnerable to stand on my two feet. I can still recall clearly that my mum brought two chairs into the bathroom, laid me down and helped me washed my hair. Yeah, I know, I sound a bit pathetic and useless. However, at that time, it was that particular moment, I felt so loved and filled with comfort. She is definitely my rock.... I guess I better grow up and don't disappoint her and my dad anymore...

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