Monday, July 16, 2007

Resolution No. 3

As I said earlier, I like things that are new, not just material things as well as new environment. However, NEW does not necessarily mean that it's of good quality. Let me see if I can put this simply.

New Day, New Campus, New Lecturers, New Facilities = Few yet Poor Quality of Food in the Cafeteria, Air conditioners broke down, No Maps on the 3 levels of Library, Computer Slides Not working... well you get the idea. I think it is safe to say NOT A SINGLE THING IN THIS UNIVERSE IS PERFECT.

I got back home after class, and since it is the first day, I chilled out a bit. I watched Shrek 3 on DVD. Pretty entertaining but I still prefer the Shrek 2. After watching the whole show, I said to myself, "DAMN! I didn't make a resolution for today!" I was trying to get myself off the hook by doing something simple or I had done in the day time. I can't do that because I would be lying to myself and it is just the third day I started this, I don't want to give up so early. So as punishment, I would study today. I never study on the first day and many sane people does the same thing too. Oh well.. good night people. I'll be hitting the books.... this will be interesting *sarcasm*

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