Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Campus Perfecting in Batu Pahat

Last weekend, the brothers and sisters, including myself, from Subang Jaya went to Batu Pahat for three days and two nights. What was our mission? Our mission was to be perfected by the Lord! There is one hymn that I really enjoy and it goes like this...

"Lord Jesus! All our hearts You've gained,
You are the only One we love.
Lord, keep our hearts single and pure,
to love You and Your Church!
Increase Yourself, O Lord!
Now in us, grow more and more,
and build that glorious church,
You love and have died for;
Lord, we suffer and live to You,
'Tis our glory and joy!"

I am reminded that I am not the one who chose God, but it is He who chose me to be one of the members of the church! That He is the One who gained my heart to love Him more and more. I praised the Lord for such a mercy and such a blessing!

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