Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Relive the Sweetest Moments on Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is always thought to be the special time of the year to celebrate one's love towards another.. Is that really so? After having a long.. well.. not long... but around three or four hours for me to figure it out, I find that it is the special day to remind loving couples of how far they have gone through to be in each other's arms; overcoming all the ups and downs to STAY in the relationship.
We all know how difficult it is to maintain that.
Fights, arguments and disagreements will never be excluded when two people are together. I guess the most hardest part of keeping the relationship strong is that you are individually growing everyday and so is your spouse. For instance, your taste in music may differ now than when you had your first date. Before, you were a BACKSTREET BOYS die-hard fan. Now, EVANESCENCE's posters might be pinned up all over your wall. People are changing everyday; their thoughts, emotions, ideas, ways to approach certain situations, taste in fashion and music and the list goes on. The beauty of being in the relationship is being able to surpass all of that and still love each other, more than before. It is not easy, nothing in life is easy. I find myself complaining about my own boyfriend from time to time. Therefore, I totally agree with the saying "it takes two to make one relationship work".
Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day! Relive and Reminisce the sweetest moments that you all have ever shared.

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