Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Year One - so LONG!

Wow... it has been quite a while (three months!) since I last made an entry here. How have you all been? I hope you are doing fine. Well, I have finally finished my exams for the first year of my three-years undergraduate degree and I'm having my holidays right this very moment.

Been here for two weeks already and I felt like I wasted this period of time. This is rather something new to me.. I mean.. I used to enjoy the holidays especially when I do not need to do anything, all I did was just lay back, watch tv, sleep and eat. That was the definition of holidays in my vocabulary. Now I feel like I'm wasting my time doing nothing though I do enjoy some entertainment and amusement every now and then. Strangely, it does not seem fun to me anymore. Rather it is like just a tool to help pass the time. Sigh...

As I suffered sheer 'boredomness' (is there such a word??), my Mum came up with some chores for me to do! Typical Mum, always knows best for her little girl, "this is for your OWN good!' Not to say that I'm complaining, I do enjoy helping around the house... well, it is SOMETHING that I am good at :) Besides, I also have the opportunity to spend more time with my Mum as she will tell me endless stories of the modern world with morals of how to deal with all sorts of people, how to find MR Right, how to survive in society and also how to make friendships last. Yes I know I know and I absolutely agree, Girls can definitely talk! I think, in that way, a female's mind does mature faster than a male. I guess that is the reason why boys cannot understand us girls as our emotions will always take the lead. There are three components that made up a human being and they are the Body, Soul and Spirit. Emotions such as anger, fear, bliss and so on arouse from Soul. Women tend to act based on their feelings which does complicate things and at times worsen an existing situation. To me, turning to my Spirit is the way to guide me on this journey of life including relationships, friends, family and one's personality. It is easy turning to one's spirit but staying IN the spirit is another thing. Well... thankfully that we are in the transforming process to become mature in Spirit.

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