Friday, June 23, 2006

Home is definitely sweet

After all the hectic assignments and lab reports, I finally get the precious opportunity to go home and have the relaxation that I've been longing for the past five months. It's amazing how sitting in front of the television and lying on the couch brings so much relaxation! I know I know I lead a dull life but it's so peaceful and I can rest all day long.

Anyway, I have most definitely lost most of my stamina to hang out with my friends. Why do I say that? I went out with my friends today whom all I have not seen for ages, we just hung out for two to three hours and already I was getting tired and sleepy. I took a nap straightaway the moment I reached home. Sleep seems like my favorite past time now. I guess I do not get much sleep when I was fighting the battles of education. So what am I doing these days? Eat, sleep, eat sleep and turning myself into a pig! SIGH.......

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