Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Temporary Goodbye to a Sister

Even since I came to the big city, I've been so busy until there is not even a single moment that I can sit down and relax. Let alone writing blogs. Well, it is a Saturday and I'm still doing the final Chemistry lab report. I thought I can take a few moments to give you all an update.

Today is a very special day. One of my church sisters is migrating to Melbourne, Australia to further her studies. It's funny when someone is about to leave, I will begin to reminisce how did I got to know her and the times we got along. It was six months ago, when I first came down to KL, my mum took me to the sisters' house which is situated near my university, to get to know the sisters there. Sister Xing Nee introduced Sister Cai Jie to the both of us. She is an authentic China girl who came down to KL to pursue her studies. And she came to know about God when the sisters approached her to preach the gospel of God. Praise the Lord that she was immediately drawn towards the truth of God!

As I got along with the sisters, I found that she really love the Lord. She is so motivated by Him. She would feel uneasy when she could not make it to one of the home meetings or prayer meeting. You can sense the God in her when she prays or prophesies. Thank the Lord that He has kept her from the world. God is very mysterious; He does things in unpredictable ways. In my own personal view, I felt that God wants this sister to migrate to Australia to spread the seed of God as she uses her 'talent' to make a profit. So, this is not exactly a goodbye to this sister. In spirit and in the One Body, as long as we are one in the spirit, we all are held together by God.

Tonight we will be having a love feast and then a campus meeting will be held. I hope that she will not cry. If she does, I will be prone to shed a few tears as well, which I hope not to. Glory be to God!

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