Thursday, January 12, 2006

Recall the past to start off the new year

“Time flies” is undoubtedly the most common phrase used, especially when something or event has just passed you by. It is just like now; the year 2005 is leaving to make room for the new year of 2006. Actually, it had already left! SEE??? Time will just keep ticking by, whether you realize its presence or not. It does not wait for anyone. To me, the year 2005 just flew by right before my very eyes. And now, I’m trying to recall what had happen at the early stages of my fresh new start in the year 2005.

At the beginning of 2005, I had to redo what I had done in the year before, which is to repeat the foundation course that I had took, as I did not obtain the satisfactory results needed to get into the course that I’m interested in. I guess I was young and foolish to let that happened. I did not realize what I had gotten myself into. At that particular moment, I kept reminding myself that I need to do well no matter what. Heck! That was easier said than done; and I knew it from the very start that this year was not going to be smooth flowing for me.

One the first day, from the moment I entered into the lecture room, (I remembered it was ESL class) I felt a sense of relief as I saw a familiar face in the crowd. I’m so glad that one of my ex-classmate was retaking the course too. THANK GOD! I was so worried that I wouldn’t fit in with all the new faces in the class; at least I know that there is someone that I knew. With that, I did not feel so awkward anymore. Needless to say, I sat beside him for the first few weeks to keep myself company until I’ve made some new friends. When the lecturers of the previous year whom I’ve gotten along with, saw me taking their class, they questioned why I was doing this and bla bla bla… I felt a tinge of embarrassment to take their classes again. One thing I’ve known about lecturers is that: Once you’ve gotten real close with them, they will be concern about you and your life.

The ESL lecturer that I had in 2004 was different compared to 2005. My first impression about her was that she was a fragile looking early-forties lady. As I progressed throughout the year, I found out that she was a VERY fragile person and apparently had short-term memory PLUS she thinks she is a SAINT! Let me list out her ‘favourite’ phrases that I had heard numerous times that I’ve known them by heart

1: “Now, please MR/MISS SO & SO! Others are trying to listen in the class!”

2: “You all DO NOT listen! I’ve been telling you over and over again, I do not like to repeat myself, but you all do not listen!”

3: “I’ve been too kind to you all! You all do not appreciate the things that I’ve done for you!”

4: “I’ve been up to two in the morning making these notes for you all, and yet you all do not listen!”

5: “That’s why I say, LISTEN! Whatever comes out of my mouth is important!”

Sigh… I’m really going to miss all her ‘words of wisdom’ (crossing my fingers). The other four lecturers were all the same from last year. They are still all right.

The year 2005 has been pretty educational. I’ve definitely learnt much more other than in the academic field. Dealing with friends, I find, is the most difficult subject of all. There are some friends that I grew to be very fond of and love to hang out with them. A few of them only seek for you when they need to fulfill their curiosity and doubt. I really dislike this kind of people. However, if you are stuck with them for the whole course, you have to learn how to deal with them. Another fraction of the population of students in class, are plain snobbish and so darn full of themselves. These people, in my opinion, are very overconfident about themselves but tend to pretend that they are not. Moreover, they would do anything to be in the center of attention whenever possible. And there is a small group of people which I do not get the chance to know them better. That’s fate, I guess.

The only one thing that I’ve had regretted doing is that I kept comparing the friends that I had in 2004 with the friends I had in 2005. During 2005, I missed my friends in 2004 but I’ve should have known that people are different and unique. I’m sorry for what I’ve done and I hope all of us will stay in touch. Well, like the Chinese old saying goes, “Zhou yi bu, xue yi bu”. It means in each and every step you take in you life, you will learn something out of them.

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