Saturday, October 22, 2005

My First Car Accident.... nothing serious but it scared the hell out of me..

I had just finished my foundation course the day before yesterday. I would never expect to run into a car accident today. So here's my story...

My mum and I went to buy lunch for my dad, it is a normal routine for us to do that everyday. Today's traffic was pretty heavy, most probably because it was during lunch hour so I'm guessing everybody is out buying lunch. Well, my mum was a bit sleepy but she wanted to stay awake just to make sure everything is ok. Though I had assured her that I'll be careful, she still insisted on staying awake. So we just made conversations on our way home.

As I was about to make a left turning into a junction, I forgot to look at the side mirror when I put on the left signal. As I turned, I bumped into a motorcyclist who was riding really closely beside my car. I immediately stop! I was terrified. Thankfully, he didn't fall down from his motorcycle and he was safe and sound. So was my mum. Well... since it was my first accident, I was pretty scared about the whole situation. My mum helped me apologized to the guy as I was too frightened to speak at all... I thank God that the guy did not scold or raised his voice. He even confessed that he did not see my signal. I'm just glad that I did not hurt any parts of his body. I was wondering how am I ever gonna face his family if I had hurt him... It was just scary.. to be honest, I just burst into tears... yes.. I'm such a weakling... Everything just happen so fast and my mind was echoing "Oh My GOD!!!!" I'm just grateful that the motorcyclist was nice about it.

Back then, before I started driving, I always said to myself that I will not get into any car accidents at all. Sigh.. and it had to happen. Mum said that this kind of thing is unavoidable, if it's gonna happen, it will happen. Luckily, everyone was all right. And now, I'm just wanna sit at home and stay out of the road. Sigh....

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