Thursday, July 06, 2006

Weird me = weird teeth

So here goes… I have not been to the dentist ever since the unfortunate incident I had when I was in standard one. I do have a phobia towards dentists and the way they do things ever since. However, one of my teeth hurts a lot yesterday and reluctantly I had to go to consult a dentist. He took an x-ray (a very minor one) deep in my mouth because I felt pain near the part where you grow your wisdom tooth. Apparently my wisdom tooth grows horizontally instead of vertically like the rest of my teeth! HORIZONTALLY!!!! I never thought that was even possible to happen. And in the dentistry world, they called this case as ‘sleeping beauty’ as the tooth is sleeping in a ‘beautiful’ position. Yeah…. Very unoriginal… Therefore, it is very unfortunate that I MUST remove my wisdom tooth because it will cause inflammation as time goes by, which in other words, it will become very painful. So, my surgery will be held next Monday. Since this is my first surgery, I hope it goes well, keeping my fingers crossed!

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