Monday, July 17, 2006

The New Semester

Oh well... it is the first day of the new semester, the sense of excitement has certainly died down. Nothing seems special anymore. It is just another typical day in the university life. However, deep down, I'm looking for something new to make this new semester more memorable in times to come.

'Who will be my new lecturers for this semester?' I wondered. Will I have another lecturer that is so boring that he could put anything or even the smartest people in class to sleep? Or will I have a lecturer who is too hyperactive and gives us heaps and heaps of assignments to look forward to? *YIKES* I hope not..... I just want dedicated lecturers that take the time to actually explain what we do not understand, without talking his grandfather's adventure of saving a cat in distress!

Ahoy New Semester! Here I come..... slowly. :P

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