Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Series of Misfortunes

It is already the end of March and only now I post this up. Anyway, I will write more SOON!

The eve of Chinese New Year is considered as one of the most important holidays to the Chinese. It is the day where families are gathered together from all over the world to have a reunion dinner at one place. To others, it marks the end of the year and a new beginning to prosperity, luck, love, health and joy. As for me, this New Year's Eve was an unforgettable one. It has brought me plenty of restlessness, sweat and unhappiness. 

It all began early in the morning on New Year's Eve, 2AM, to be specific. My house suddenly...

...went out of electricity. Without electricity, there was no air flow. So I woke up as it had gotten too warm. When I looked outside, I realized that only our house in the neighborhood is out of electricity. Sigh.. We tried to fix it, thinking that the electric switch might have just tripped, but it was all in vain. We went to bed around 4AM but we just laid there, waiting for the sun to rise, so that we can call the electrician. 

Thankfully, the electrician taught us over the phone a few tricks and the electricity was back on! Immediately, we had to rush to the bus station to go down to KL. We NEARLY...

 ...missed the bus! We were grateful that the bus waited for us! However, luck was not on our side that day. During the bus ride, the inevitable happened. 

The air conditioner in the bus broke down!!!!!!! Such bad luck!!! As you might have probably guessed, we were sweating like mad~! The extreme hot weather did not help either. We couldn't even get a shut-eye because it was too hot!!! 

When we finally reached KL, we slept throughout the rest of the afternoon as we were too tired to do anything else. Just when we thought our misfortunes had finally come to an end, it left us with a surprise that none of us could have foreseen. 





Our reunion dinner at a five-star hotel restaurant SUCKS big time!!! The food was so awful that we didn't even finish them!! Apparently, it was too crowded, the waiters got our orders mixed up and our food turned out to be cold. Sigh....

What a way to end the year, huh?


  1. no electricity? earth hour in advance.. haha =P

  2. Yeah~! no electricity for 6 hours! maybe I do not need to partake of the Earth Hour next few years :D