Monday, February 22, 2010

Boom Boom POW!!!

Forgive me for my lack of updates during this Chinese New Year festive season. Instead of giving you a thousand and one reasons for not blogging, I will tell you to watch out for my next post. My next post will be on my misfortunes just before the year of the Tiger begins. As for the time being, please enjoy the fireworks display!!! People this year are very generous in paying for the fireworks!
click on the pictures to enlarge! :D


  1. nice title o.0 !!!!

    nanged u. nang this to see my camwhore in FGS Dong Zen!

  2. Haha :D Beautiful fireworks. Wow...your camera must be damn good to capture this at night huh!

  3. Nanged you too! :P

    @Tekkaus: I was just extremely lucky because the fireworks was just opposite my house!!

  4. seems like ppl this year more rich.

    fireworks sound more than last year

  5. I kinda hate fireworks...especially when I am in my husband's hometown :(

  6. @pekchekchia: Did you go and throw oranges? :)

    @Garfield: I think so too. Funny, I thought the economy was bad...

    @cleffairy: How come??? Do you hate the display or you hate the sound?