Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lecturer Arrested (Updated)

Our university's lecturer was arrested the day before yesterday! I do not know the EXACT details yet BUT there will be a protest going on outside our university later at 12PM! It is so shocking! Here is the link on the news! I shall update on the protest later this afternoon!

*Update at 3.16PM

My first encounter of watching the students protest for the arrest of their lecturer. As you can see in the pictures below, plenty of people are wearing black as a sign of supporting their lecturer's sedition act which caused him to be behind bars at the moment. Apparently he will be detained until Friday and this is NOT his first arrest!

The reporters, students and police officers were surrounding the brave protesters.
From the picture you can imagine how short I am.

Did you know how long the students were able to protest about the arrest?


10 MINUTES!!!!

The police only allow the students to protest for ONLY 10 MINUTES!!!
After that extremely short protest made by the students, the police officers started to get their names and contact details. There were not a lot of people, this is because our university did a very good job of covering it up. Those of the people wearing black, are the lecturer's students! I got to know it through my friend who is from the same faculty.

Below here are a few links if you guys are interested in knowing more.
CH arrested for sedition
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Edited 9th May 2009
Well, our university lecturer was finally released peacefully yesterday at 3.35PM. I am glad that he was all right. Instead of criticizing and complaining about the police, the government or his arrest, he thanked the person who reported him to the authorities, whoever that may be! He said, "I need to thank whoever that made the decision to arrest me for making 1BLACKMalaysia a success... Thanks to all this negative publicity, the message is much clearer... Malaysians must know how to stand up for their rights." Interesting... I never thought about it in that sense... Hmmm... Anyway for further reading, please refer to this and this.

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