Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Asking Myself "Why?"

Gosh I am so not focus at all. I should be doing my long report but I just can't help thinking. Thinking about my future. I am going to graduate in September and I am always unsure of what I want. Sometimes I think that I want to be this, sometimes I think I want that. The people around me can't help me at all because I must admit, I am one hell of a stubborn girl. Not that I mean to, but it just always happen like that. I really do admire those people who know what they want in life and know how to get it as well. Personally, I feel that when you truly know what you want, you will fight for it no matter how hard it gets. There are some people asked me why I do not want to pursue journalism. It's no denying that I like to write, but I do not feel I am creative nor do I feel that my english is up to standard. Honestly I do not know... I guess what my house sister said to me was right. She said I cannot make a firm decision and stand by it. I totally agree.. but WHY? I keep asking myself. WHY can't I MAKE a FIRM decision??? The mystery thickens....

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