Sunday, March 29, 2009

My One Day Trip to Melaka

Left the house at 7:30AM in the morning and only got back at 11:00PM.... Absolutely TIRING!!! Undoubtedly it was tiring but it was truly enjoyable as it is my very first experience of attending two Lord's Table Meeting at two different localities! This is actually my second trip to Melaka. The last time I went to Melaka was in 2006 and I was attending for a campus students blending. Here are some old pictures of the sisters and I. I looked so young!

And as for today... I am too lazy and too tired to give more details... So I'll let the pictures do the talking for now.

The Meeting Hall in Melaka

Prayer and Bread-Breaking

*Translation: The Greatest Mystery of All - Christ and the Church
by the Church in Melaka

Love Feast

The English Group saints from the Church in SJ came to visit!

Melaka's old BOMBA tiny truck...

Another historic site in Melaka...
No idea exactly because I skipped this part... what did I do during this time, you ask? lalalala....

Kota St. John
"St. John's Fort was built by the Dutch during the 18th century is situated on St. John's Hill and was a former site of a chapel dedicated to St. John, the Baptist. According to history, the Archinese attacked Melaka in 1629 and destroyed the chapel. The fort was then used by the Archinese as their base when they attacked the Portuguse who were holding out in the Francisan Monastery on Bukit China and completely destroyed the Monastery. It is interesting to note that the cannon embrasures face inland and not towards the sea as the locals at that time were attacking Melaka from the hinterland." - Sejarah Malaysia.

Let's fire some cannon balls!

Kimberly, Mei Di, Ivonny

Taking a break at Brother Dinesh's humble abode

Lord's Table Meeting in Jasin

Dinner with the saints living in Jasin

That's all folks. Thank you for tuning into Channel K.M.

This is Kimberly, Good night.


Note to Self: Must learn photography after I graduate! MUST!


  1. The food looks good! haha why do you call it 'Love Feast'?

  2. Haha... because it was a feast made with the love of the saints there :)